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Betting on Live Blackjack
Live Blackjack at Unibet - 100% Bonus on your first deposit at Unibet
Live Blackjack at William Hill - 100% Bonus on your first deposit at William Hill
Live Blackjack at Vera & John - 100% Bonus on your first deposit at Vera & John

If you're going to play Live Blackjack you will see a real life croupier. You can see for yourself how the cards are being dealt. There is no software animation!

Playing Live Blackjack

It is the intention of Blackjack to collected 21 points, or as many as possible. Without having more than 21, then you're done. You play against the bank (the casino) which has the same goal. It is about who ultimately gets the highest score below 22. At the beginning of each game you get two cards. You will then have the option to request another card or to pass. A card request is taking a risk, because you dont want to get over 22 points. But too few points also gets you nothing. The bank is required to take an additional card up to 17 points. If the bank has 17 it is mandatory to pass. If the bank goes over 22 all players have won, if both sides finish with an equal number of points you will get your stake back. Multiple players can compete at once in a table, as they all individually play against the bank (the casino).

The best is when you as a player at Live Blackjack immediately get an ace and a 10, you will have Blackjack! Blackjack is the highest combination in the game. You will win one and a half times your stake. For example, if you bet 20 euros, you get paid there 30 euros extra.

Live Blackjack is easy to learn. The ease and speed of Live Blackjack make it one of the most popular table games in the casino and on the internet.



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